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Menu Ideas

There are limitless menu possibilities and variation for every event. 


Plated, English Buffet, highly orchestrated military service, French Style, Fusion Stations, and so on.

We have done our fair share of ethnic, classic and fusion cuisines. Our chefs are well versed in molecular gastronomy. We have even done organic and vegan.


Activity stations with highly interacting and smiling team members.

Carving stations that are 30 feet long featuring, mesquite ribs, rack of lamb, whole carved turkey, Black Angus Prime Rib, Romanian Pastrami, Prime Cut Corn Beef.

Frying stations with 5 types of fries, and 10 types of dips.

Scotch And Vodka Tastings are easy. Herring and Cholent tastings are common.


If you have seen it – the odds are we have done it.

If you have dreamt it – the odds are we can fulfill it.


We love working on new ideas and trends.

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